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About ACER

Acer Inc. is a Taiwan-based multinational company that specializes in advanced electronics technology. The product list of ACER includes Laptop, Desktop, Servers, Tablet, Smartphones, LED, LCD, Storage devices and many more. In the year 2014, Acer was ranked as the fourth largest personal computer vendor in the whole world.

Company Background

ACER was started by Stan Shih, Carolyn Yeh (Stans wife), and a group of five others in 1976 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Primarily it was a distributor of electronic parts and microprocessor technologies. It manufactured the Micro-Professor MPF-Itraining kit, then two Apple II clones; the Microprocessor II and III before becoming a significant PC manufacturer.
In the year 1987, the company was rebranded as Acer.

Acer Support

The Dialportsolutionsllc Acer technical support provides solutions for most issues such as:

  • Fixing hardware and software issues
  • Fixing laptop and computer related issues
  • Driver Installation and configuring

Other issues related to Acer devices

Below-mentioned are the common that a user can face in Acer devices:

  • Black screen issues
  • Device not able to read discs
  • Hard drive failure
  • RAM failure
  • Defects in Motherboard
  • PC overheating

If you’re facing any issues with your Acer device, contact us at 1800-281-2145 for Online Acer technical laptop support.

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